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What We Believe

What We Believe

We believe that before anything came to be, GOD existed. God freely chose to create, redeem, and sustain all creation. God has invited us to partner with him in this process. As such, we are called to be stewards of God for this responsibility. God is building a New Earth, where barriers that separate a person from him, family members from one another, nations from each other, “insiders” from “outsiders,” sacred from secular, and “haves” from “have-nots” are dissolved.

We believe that JESUS was GOD's own Son.He was sent to destroy the power of sin in the world. He came to be with us in our pain, hurt, and fear; he came to share our joy. He came to forgive us our sins, as we forgive the sins of others.

We believe that JESUS is very much alive today in the person of the HOLY SPIRIT. It is the power of God in the midst of our everyday lives. The Spirit inspires and illumines us, challenges and corrects us, helps and heals our hearts and minds and relationships. The Spirit resides in everyone who willingly puts his or her trust in God.

We believe that The CHURCH is GOD's way of spreading the good news about JESUS CHRIST to the world. We are The-Church: we are God's eyes and ears, hands and heart for a needy world. We are not perfect, but we are forgiven. We are fragile, yet we are secure. We are loved, and learning to be more loving. We have been created by God, in order to be creative for God.

We believe that the BIBLE in its entirety is the authoritative and trustworthy written record of GOD’s self-disclosure to us.
All the books of the Old (“Hebraic”) and New (“New Covenant”) Testaments have been written through divine inspiration. They are to be interpreted and applied according to their historical and cultural context and purpose, and in openness to the Holy Spirit’s continuing guidance.

We believe that DISCIPLESHIP is the life-long process by which a Christian “grows up into the stature and fullness of JESUS CHRIST.” This journey is to be made in the company of others… in a Christian Faith-based community. This process also provides the opportunity for all Christians to discover, be equipped for, and supported in the unique ministries that God has designed him/her for… for His sake.
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